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Someone often asks me, “What’s your hobby? Do you like collecting stamps?”

In fact, I’m fond of fishing, collecting stamps, and playing basketball. But I spend most of my spare time collecting foreign coins. Maybe collecting foreign coins is my real hobby.

I still remember my first foreign coin is a Dutch guilder(荷兰盾). I was fascinated(入迷的`) by the strange coin that I had never seen. From then on, I lost myself in collecting foreign coins. I have some nice coins, most of which have the head of a famous person on one side. On the other side there may be a famous emblematic(象征性的) building of the country or the date and the value of the coin.

Most foreign coins are circular(圆形的), but some have different shapes. For example, the coins of Hong Kong are different from those of other countries. They are just like beautiful Chinese redbud(紫荆花). When I first saw them, I even thought maybe they’re souvenir coins(纪念币), but when I watched them carefully, I found that they are coins.

Coins can be made of different kinds of metal. Some are made of nickel(镍), and some are made of different metal mixture.

Now I have a lot of coins from different countries: U.S. dollar, German mark, Singapore dollar, Thai baht(泰铢) and so on. I think I will go on collecting foreign coins, because it makes me happy every day.



Today is Saturday, I don’t need to go to school, so I decided to take some morning exercises. Early in the morning, I went out of the house and looked around, the city was so quiet. With few cars, the air was fresh, I felt so comfortable. Besides the people who took the morning exercise, I found some people who worn the orange uniform, they were working. This was the first time for me to see the cleaners work in the morning, they were easily neglected, because they worked so early and when the time for people to go to work, cleaners rested. Watching these cleaners working, I feel so thankful for them, they were doing the greatest job. People praised them as the city’s dressers, they kept the city clean all the time and brought comfort to people. They are the respectable people, we should applause for them.






Everyone has a hobby. I like doing sports and I like playing basketball the best. So I decided to play basketball every morning with my classmates. Today, the weather was nice. Early in the morning, I got up and worn clothes quickly. When I arrived at the basketball ground, my classmates have already been there. First, we ran around the basketball ground so that we could play better in the game. After that, we began to play basketball. In the end, we beat another team. Although we all felt tired, we were happy and proud.


Curiosity and creativity are interdependent on each other. Only when one iscurious about something, can he operate his mind and generate somethingcreative. And when creativity is in full operation and results in things whichnever existed before, one gets more and more curious about things happening allaround him. But curiosity and creativity are different in that curiosity is themotivating force which needs action for it to become creativity. If one stops atthe stage of curiosity, he will end up good for nothing.


liu ying is my best friend. she has been iii for three days. in theafternoon, i went to see her. she told me she was sent to the hospital by herparents this morning. the doctor looked her over"carefully, gave her somemedicine and asked her to stay in bed for a few days.

she thought she wouldn"t go to school until next week. i asked her to havea good rest at home and not to worry about her lessons. i would help her withher lessons.

she looked much better after hearing that.


In order to keep fit, some teenagers ignore breakfast, they think the lessthey eat, the fitter they become. It is totally wrong idea, the doctor says inthe newspaper that breakfast is very important for people’s health, in themorning, people need energy, after a night’s sleeping, the stomach is empty. Soif not filling breakfast, people’s body will get weaker. We can eat less food inlunch and dinner, but not in breakfast. It is said that some will get fat ifthey don’t have breakfast, because the diet is not balanced, the body takes inmore than what they need. So in order to keep fit, we should have breakfast.


Beijing Olympic Games is the 29th Olympic Games.It will last16 days, since August 8, , carry on 28 matches of 302 little projects, sell 7 million tickets.

In order to further improve the traffic environment, the expressway of Beijing will increase from present 500 kilometers to 718 kilometers,Beijing will let the going out swift, on time, security of people participating in Olympic Games.

Hope Beijing Olympic Games can be succeeded in holding.


I like jasmine not because it has stunning beauty, but because it gives off elegance and fragrance. Such plain beauty is the right thing to characterize Chinese culture. Never showing off, it stands out strikingly among much more colorful peers.

The fascination is brought home by American saxophone player Kennedy G.Kennedy G"s solo presenting jasmine in the form of popular music.


Smiling is an attitude toward life.In our life,there may be some unpleasantthings.For example,you fail in an exam;or another time,you are misunderstood byyour friends.These unpleasant things may make you feel sad.Then what will youdo?Why not learn to smile?Smiling to yourself can bring back yourconfidence.Sometimes,the greatest enemy is yourself;that’s to say,sometimes,youare beaten by yourself.We should also learn to smile to others.It will help usget closer to others.Smiling is the most widely understood language.